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Smart Logistics Management Web Application

A Logistics automation product which helps any logistics company with less and more vehicles to monitor and manage them. Also To manage the order by providing them total tracking details through GPS, it provides payment facility and generates the advance payment slips. It provides the details regarding faulty vehicles and their maintenance details.

Bladder Flow Monitoring System

Bladder Flow is a Uroflowmeter for home use, which eliminates the need for direct handling of urine. With the Flow, there is no need to write down the urination volume. It is an digital health solution enabling you to automate bladder diary system consists of the Flow device and the Flow app. Using the device and app you can easily monitor your bladder activity and log accurately micturition volumes, frequency and flow rates. By using it your health care provider will receive multiple flows which will give an proper ideas regarding your symptoms.

Model’s point

Model’s Point is a creative pool for models, photographers and creative talents in fashion, scouted by industry professionals, for castings and work. Clients can review your online portfolio and Instagram feed, and make direct bookings. Whether you are just starting out or you are a top model, Model’s Point is the best site to find modeling jobs, network, and grow as a model.

Elect Switch

Elect Switch is an application which is connected to an chip via bluetooth and can show us all the different categories calculated in the meter. There is an switch logger which shows us details like refresh/read, settings, serial no, IMEI no, battery level, fault or failure, modes, alarm source, modbus baud rate and parity regarding electric meter. You could also know which sensor are working over this chip using Elect Switch application. It can show any fault or failure happened into the meter.

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