Smart Logistics Management Web Application

A Logistics automation product which helps any logistics company with less and more vehicles to monitor and manage them. Also To manage the order by providing them total tracking details through GPS, it provides payment facility and generates the advance payment slips. It provides the details regarding faulty vehicles and their maintenance details.

Any agents / brokers who are looking for the consignment then they could be a part of this product.

The client approached pyther innovation to develop an on-demand Smart Logistics management web application to give access to all the related users and also to manage their day to day order delivery, shipments, payments, Managing and tracking vehicles service features.

  • It manages and monitors the whole system.
  • Also the users, brokers and companies who work with it.
  • Could check the exclusive tracking of its order through GPS.
  • Could get the Sms notification of its order.
  • Also to make the payment in advance and at the time of its delivery.
  • To manage and create the user, Broker, Orders, Loading points
  • He is responsible for managing the broker and its rates.
  • To Reject the faulty vehicles and to re-assign it.
  • To finalize the order for delivery
  • He has to go at the loading point and to verify the documents of the truck.
  • To load the order into the truck and prepare the bill for it.
  • Track the trucks through GPS either online or offline
  • To fix the problems in the trucks.
  • Track the vehicle and give the fare rates to the PC manager.
  • It does the same work as a loading officer but it is off field. Also enters the data into the system.
  • Managing payments and generating the receipts for the payments.
  • It generates the proof of delivery when the order is delivered.

With our thriving efforts, we at Pyther innovation delivered Smart Logistics management web application as per the needs of the client. We enabled the client to have all the management solution regarding the logistics and to provide a better tracking system for their clients. We are also facilitating the bug fixings and brought considerable enhanced ideas into the app.

With this all-inclusive project, the client has achieved the best experience for its users. By making possible the flawless access to business customers, the app delivers every feature perfectly. This Logistics management app services is providing all the flexibilities to grow their business and provides the consumer an excellence service that too in a highly professional manner. We at pyther innovation would endlessly challenge ourselves to go beyond our client expectations by delivering cutting-edge solutions as per their requirements.