Elect Switch

Elect Switch is an application which is connected to an chip via bluetooth and can show us all the different categories calculated in the meter. There is an switch logger which shows us details like refresh/read, settings, serial no, IMEI no, battery level, fault or failure, modes, alarm source, modbus baud rate and parity regarding electric meter. You could also know which sensor are working over this chip using Elect Switch application. It can show any fault or failure happened into the meter.

Client wanted to provide the customers an easy way to check their home electric meter. If there is any issue or failure in the meter then a alarm could ring up and notify the client about this. Can check their meter status and unit values. It must be user friendly and user can check each and every thing that user needs to know.

  • Firstly it activates the bluetooth and gets connected to the chip.
  • It shows all the details regarding the electric meter and the faults happened in the meter when it is connected.

To check which sensor are connected and are active inside the chip and what is the status of it.

  • A user an change their station name or user’s name.
  • Could see the transmit time and interval and RTC of it.
  • Can set RTC and it will generate the details.
  • A user can refresh the details and it will restart the whole application and read updated details.

When their is weak signal strength you an force transmit to generate the details.

  • It shows the failure happened in the meter.
  • It shows the mode configuration to be on or off.
  • It ranges from 9600 to 19200 and can check baud rates in between this range.
  • Can check the parity bit of even, odd or none.

We developed the Elect Switch application which works according clients requirement. We suggested them to use the bluetooth connective chip which detects the user when he is near to the meter and this chip gets assemble to the electric meter. We developed an switch logger where every details of meter can be seen and could change the name of the chip through setting. We are also facilitating the bug fixings and brought considerable enhanced ideas into the app.

We enable the feature to see the sensors and working of it. Also an refresh and read feature is added to read the content properly if any failure occurred. We pyther innovation provided the best solution and reached to the client expectations by delivering Elect Switch mobile application.