Bladder Flow Monitoring System

Bladder Flow is a Uroflowmeter for home use, which eliminates the need for direct handling of urine. With the Flow, there is no need to write down the urination volume. It is an digital health solution enabling you to automate bladder diary system consists of the Flow device and the Flow app. Using the device and app you can easily monitor your bladder activity and log accurately micturition volumes, frequency and flow rates. By using it your health care provider will receive multiple flows which will give an proper ideas regarding your symptoms.

You can also use the app independently of the Flow device. In this case you have to manually enter the volume into the app.

A Software that sense and measures how much volume of urine a person does everyday. It should prepare all the details of this measures in an table and graph manner and could send that details to their health care provider or the person they wanted to send. It could enter values automatically or manually.

It will start monitor your bladder activity and log accurately and measure volumes, frequency and flow rates.

It will connect with the flow device near you.

  • you can add daily drink volume manually.
  • Could give the description of that link
  • you could add pee details as many times you have done it.
  • Could set the time of doing it manually

How to use the application and what is the app all about could be seen here.

  • It shows every details regarding pee and drinks.
  • It can be generate details automatically as well as manually.
  • You can share that details to whom you want, through mail.
  • Can edit your details if you want to change.
  • can change the unit of measures in ml or oz.
  • set the remainders.

We have delivered Bladder Flow Monitoring software which works as per need of client. We enable an algorithm which measures every log accurately and auto generate that details in a pdf format. We are also facilitating the bug fixings and brought considerable enhanced ideas into the app.

Its main functionality is the bladder diary in which it generates the graphs, tables and other contents automatically for user. Bladder Flow Monitoring system is important for the health care provider and gives better under-standing of bladder’s behaviour and symptoms user experience over time and helps to form urologists diagnosis. We at Pyther Innovations would endlessly challenge ourselves to go beyond our client expectations by delivering cutting-edge solutions as per their requirements.