Latest PHP Trends

PHP is a popular open-source scripting language for the server-side. Various companies have built apps and websites using PHP.

In the year 2019, PHP revives a considerable boost, and it’s market evaluation rises eventually. 2020 is ready with new trends and various new frameworks that will change the traditional way of coding and will help in linking the app with different advanced technology.

Numerous companies that have developed PHP apps or websites using Artificial Intelligence are Zomato, Byju, PolicyBazaar, PayTM Mall, Swiggy, CureFit, and Dream11.

Numerous companies that have developed PHP apps or websites using Artificial Intelligence are Zomato, Byju, PolicyBazaar, PayTM Mall, Swiggy, CureFit, and Dream11.

Integration of PHP Frameworks and Cloud to build apps

Cloud computing has made a massive impact on the technological world. As it provides various Services, Infrastructure, and Storage on rent. A survey shows that 78% of the companies that are developing websites and apps choose PHP frameworks and Cloud as their first preference. The reason behind the popularity is the combination of both these technologies offers a cost-effective, scalable, and flexible web solutions.

User Interface Trends for PHP Web Development

There are various social network sites present in the modern world that we can use via computer or mobile phones such as Twitter, Facebook, emails, and even e-commerce websites. These websites are visited a lot more as compared to others. When a vast amount of people visit a single site, then it may create a massive problem for it. PHP quickly solves some of these problems. Using PHP, we can develop scalable apps and directly link the apps with the cloud where we can save all the data.

As various new frameworks come into the market for PHP, this will allow developers to develop a vast amount of apps and websites with the help of it. Most popular PHP frameworks for websites are Laravel, Codeigniter, CakePHP, and Symfony.


    • Laravel is one of the leading Frameworks of PHP, which is used across the globe for small to large all types of industry. It will be the choice of the professional programmers due to its high performance, high-end features, flexibility & scalability.

    • It follows the MVC architectural pattern, which is very easy to understand. It has built-in functionalities like authentication, mail, sessions, and many more advanced features. It is effortless & easy to customize so that you can build your project structure, which will meet according to your demand of business web application. You can write a code that is self- explanatory & expressive.

    • It always makes the use of the hash passwords; it does not store the password as a plain text in the database. It has a faster development cycle, which requires less effort in development. It also supports the cache for the temporary data storage, which you can retrieve quickly later.


    • CodeIgniter is an open-source web application framework. It also uses the reusable components, interface, and logical structure.It offers the functionality of lightweight, high-speed compared to other frameworks. It does not require the highest configuration. It was released in 2006 with production-ready, high adoption.

    • As in 2008, it creates the Rasmus Lerdorf as it is faster & lighter. It used in this, and we can ignore the copy-paste and components used in multiple projects. It can maintain the extensibility of your application. It focuses on delivering the value, not building the blocks. It uses the loosely MVC for organizing code & logic.


    • CakePHP will make the implementation of sites simple & quicker, which has the minimum coding. The advanced version comes up with the flexible database access layer, which has customized every type of complex application fast and straightforward. It cuts down the cost at a high level & can develop the apps swiftly with code generation & other scaffolding features.

    • There are some reasons why cake PHP used, and they are listed below.It is compatible with versions 4&5 of PHP :
      • Implement the CRUD for the database interaction
      • Application scaffolding
      • Generation code
      • MVC architecture
      • In-built validation
      • Data Sanitization
      • Temporary cache
      • It can work from any of the web site directories
      • It also has the request dispatcher with the clean, custom URLs and more
      • It supports the AJAX, JavaScript & the HTML form


    • Symfony is used to create high-performance, complex web applications. It can do away the hectic & complicated codes which save the time of development. Programmers will be able to add the extra modules as the product grows. It will make the little bite life easy for the developers who have distinct framework components and the high-end configuration. It will identify the style & architecture of the product.

    • Symfony has a large set of tools that will support your development. It will give you a robust performance. If you have a medium-sized project, then it is best for you. It uses the protocols of HTTP, routing & many more. Any components of the Symfony can be used in other projects also. These components are offered with some of its standards.


    • A lot of people refer to Zend as a ‘glue’ framework, which is a way of referring to its component-based nature. Zend is an object-oriented, MVC-based framework that enables you to load only the components you want as individual libraries.

    • To put it another way, Zend enables you to focus only on the components and functions you want, and ignore everything else. Thanks to this approach and the framework’s object-oriented nature, you should be able to reuse a lot of the code you write, which is always great news. In addition, it’s quite easy to integrate the platform with external libraries to extend its functionality even further.


    • Yii is another strong entry in our roundup of the best PHP frameworks, and it’s a worthy competitor. Right away, we can tell you that Yii shines due to how easy it is to set up. Along with that, the framework is right up there with Phalcon when it comes to performance, which is a huge selling point.

    • Just like the other PHP frameworks we’ve seen so far, Yii offers a robust set of components you can use to speed up web application development. However, it stands out due to its robust set of security features, which you can use create highly secure projects.

Linking PHP framework and IoT Technology

    • Internet of things or IoT means that every exciting thing around us must be connected in a network and accessed with the help of a single app.

    • With the help of the PHP framework, we can easily integrate PHP with various new technologies. IoT and PHP also go well together. Using PHP, we can quickly develop IoT apps and turn the world around us into a digital world.

    • Using PHP, we can efficiently perform multiple tasks from a single script. PHP developers can also do asynchronous programming with the help of the latest version of PHP that is PHP 7.

PHP Web Development to Improve Cyber security of Your Website

    • The PHP apps allow users to implement Cyber security solutions to your app. Cyber security is a must today because of the changes that have occurred in our daily lifestyles, such as online shopping and net banking. People don’t like to wander here and there for shopping; they wish to order it online. People can also make online payments with the help of the app.

    • Paytm, Google Wallet, Amazon pay are some of the popular online payment apps. Here is the place where Cyber security becomes necessary so that while making transactions, there is no interference by the third party. Because if anyone gets a vast amount of information about a person’s bank account, they can make a theft with the help of it.

PHP to create Smart Chatbot

    • Cyber security is an extension of Artificial Intelligence (AI). A Chatbot is the best example for the apps to build with the help of machine learning.

    • The popular language, when it comes to building apps using machine learning, is PHP. Because PHP is an open-source language using which developers can quickly develop a Chatbot. With the help of PHP, developers can quickly chatbot a “Conversation Agents” for your app in the least time possible.


    • PHP is very beneficial when it comes to web development. With the emergence of PHP 7, web developers have taken a new turn. It allows developers to connect to the latest technologies. The latest technologies with which PHP 7 frameworks will enable it to work are Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, and many more.

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